... B2CLine Plus and B2CLine Premium -

With B2CLine, B2CLine Plus and B2CLine Premium*, we offer online store operators and their customers outstanding service for shipping general cargo anywhere in Germany – providing solid reasons for optimum ratings. Advantages include early notification of the delivery date by SMS, voice call and/or email as well as further booking options for evening delivery, drop-off at the recipient's address and delivery into the customer's home. Our services involve minimal investment of time and resources by webshop operators but offer significant improvements in customer satisfaction and better prospects for top ratings. The more so as shipment notification is possible in selected European countries as well.

Overview of benefits for webshop operators and their customers:

  • Early notification of the delivery date to the customer by SMS, voice call and/or email and the possibility to choose that the shipment be dropped off at the recipient's address. This increases the success rate of first-time deliveries and reduces the risk of returns.
  • If the notification tool is integrated into the webshop, the customer can select a convenient delivery date and other services during the ordering process itself.
  • The notification tool is compatible with all webshop systems, forms of data transmission, programming software and interfaces.
  • Deliveries are fast – subject to certain conditions even on the day after purchase.
  • For the sender it is also possible to arrange for the drop-off of a shipment. That way a delivery reaches its recipient at the first attempt even if they are not at home.
  • B2CLine Plus offers not only notification but also delivery of the goods to the place of use and removal of the pallet. B2CLine Premium provides the additional service of a second man to assist the driver with the delivery.
  • Delivery on the following work day, optional by 8 or 10 o'clock or noon (B2CLine only)
  • Real-time track & trace ensures a high level of transparency

BTW: We now also offer shipment notification to end consumers in many European countries. Click here for more detail.

*As we honour the recipients' and our drivers' health, the service B2CLine Premium has been temporarily suspended due to the corona pandemic.