Engineering and electrotechnology

engineering and electrotechnology contract logistics by CargoLine

You are a manufacturer or importer of grinders or solar panels? In addition to transporting and storing your goods, we can also offer to handle the pre-assembly of components, spare parts management or technical material testing - all in accordance with lean management and Six Sigma.

Our services in detail:

  • Pre-assembly of components
  • Spare parts management
  • Lean management
  • Container management
  • Material processing
  • Automated small parts warehouse
  • Cantilever and heavy load storage racks
  • Crane lifting
  • Management of customer make-to-order stock
  • Six Sigma
  • Serial number/batch management
  • Technical material testing

Our services for the solar industry in particular:

  • Storage of solar modules
  • Storage of assembly systems
  • Picking of solar modules (single modules as well as complete pallets)
  • Picking of assembly systems (single small parts as well as complete pallets)
  • Unloading and storage of containers
  • Quality check of solar modules upon arrival
  • Construction site logistics
  • Serial number management
  • Batch and sub-batch management
  • Guaranteed traceability within the warehouse management system (serial numbers, batches, pallet numbers, container numbers, date, by module)