B2CLine Europe

Cross-border notification of shipments to end consumers

Whether it’s furniture, DIY articles or fitness equipment: more and more online retailers in this country are making the pleasant discovery that their goods are also appreciated abroad and ordered there. Of course, these end customers abroad would also like to know when their order will arrive so that they can organise the delivery of the goods. This has prompted us to install a very special service in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland: shipment notification with delivery date. When booking this service called B2CLine Europe, private recipients are notified by SMS and/or email about the date and time of delivery. This allows them to prepare for the delivery in good time and structure the rest of the day accordingly. If the suggested date is not convenient, they can choose an alternative at the touch of a button or change it by phone. This service is far from commonplace in end customer delivery; hence it contributes to an all-round good trader rating on the Internet.

B2CLine Europe complements the B2CLine, B2CLine Plus and B2CLine Premium services available throughout Germany, which offer recipients even more convenience.